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Thread: Playing SACD in carpc?

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    Playing SACD in carpc?

    Is anybody playing Super Audio CD's (SACD) in their carpc or car audio setups? I have seen DVD Audio Setups (I have Audigy NX), but there is not that big of a DVD Audio selection.

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    i don't think there is any hardware capable of playing sacds on computers. i looked into it a while ago and got a stern no google saying that there isn't anything out there ... could have changed since then though .... but then again i doubt it. at this point i think it is safe just to go with dvda all around.
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    Oh I don't think the DVDA is ever very safe.
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    sacd hybrids should work just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fantomas
    sacd hybrids should work just fine.
    SACD hybrid will work, but will play regular cd track. What about head units, anybody hear of plans to release a SACD capable head unit?

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