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Thread: adding DTS Dolby to my audio setup

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    Alpine PXA-H700.
    2007 Tahoe
    Opus with iBase 896 and Pentium M 735 Transflective Xenarc Alpine DVA-9861, PXA-H900, Sinfoni 45X2 (2) 90x2, Genesis Dual Mono, JL 1000/1 (2), Focal Be tweeters, ScanSpeak Revelator Mids, Dynaudio MW170, Dayton 12" Ref.

    My Install

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    must read from the start of this post--- kinda like Dr.Suess
    I already have a DTS Processor, it is a Panasonic AC300
    I already have a PC with optical output , it is a Shuttle
    I do need advice with my curent system.
    I dont need advice on how to buy duplacate hardware.

    i am not tring to flame anyone. I am just looking for advice
    on line drivers or level controls. and i do like green eggs and ham.

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    PM me if you need help. I have the panasonic CYAC300-EX running with the VIA M10k
    -Jesus- King of Kings Lord of Lords

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