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Thread: Amp or HU dilemma

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    Question Amp or HU dilemma


    First of all, this being my first post an all, great job on the website / forum guys !

    I've bin reading through the "BRAND NEW speakers" thread and learned a lot about my own setup but I do still have a couple of questions.

    So I'm just in the process of setting up my car-pc in my Golf III and I've come to the point where I have to worry about my audio install.

    Right now I have 2 sony x-plod 17cm 170W peak (30W RMS) speakers and 2 pionneer 10cm 110W peak (20W RMS). My HU is a JVC 45Wx4, although if I got it right, that CAN'T be 45W RMS from an HU right ? Would anyone know how much that would approximatively be in RMS ?

    As soon as I try to crank it up a little, the sound gets crappy. So until now I wasn't sure why that was, but my theory now is that my HU is to weak and I'm experiencing clipping as I've read up in that other thread. Basically, when loud, it sounds "saturated" and kinda "crispy", its hard to explain.

    Could it really be clipping ? Seems weird seeing how my speakers are really not that powerful. If it isn't, what else might it be ?

    If it IS clipping I am experiencing I understand I have to get myself a decent amp and it should fix it. What kinda power would I be needing here ? Something small around 30W RMS like my speakers ?
    If I do get one, do you think I would have some decent sound or are my speakers just plain to weak ? When I say decent sound, I mean nothing very loud.

    Also, isn't there a way of getting a more powerful HU ? It would really simplify my wiring seeing how I got my car-pc in the glove box.

    Anyhow, if anyone has any input on that, it would be greatly appreciated !



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    a lot of the newer HU have real built in amplifiers that require an actual 8 ga wire feed from the battery. If you HU is not like this then it is more than likely putting out half the power it is stating probally less. If you are going to buy an external amp get one from a reputable company. You will be better off and will be getting actual watts not hyped watts. Memphis, diamond, eclipse, jbl, zaptco all come to mind off the top of my head, memphis being my favorite for price and performance. and an amp will make your speakers sound much much better. Good luck and try great group of guys over there.

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    its probably close to 17w RMS give or take a couple of watts, i doubt you will get much more sound out of those speakers
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    the amp in a deck is like the size off a tic-tac pack, they should never need 8awg wire, ever ones that advertise 60x4. i would blame it on low-quality hu, as for the speakers, the fact is crappy sound is usually from being under powered, by dirty power. i've hooked amps up to stock speakers and they were screamin. also small car speakers dont do low-freq. sound. (bass)

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    What do you mean by "small" speakers ? I understand my 10cm ones are probably only good for high frequencies, but I should be able to get some bass out of 17cm ones ? right ?


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