alright so i have a
Tview Ts700ts touchscreen
and a pyramid EQ for audio.

i can listen to my ipod through the eq without any problems.
however when i plug in my laptop its a different story.
just the laptop itself it will work fine with zero problems.
the problem happens when i plug in the VGA plug for the screen into the laptop.

some weird and REALLY loud buzzing sound comes out through the speakers.
i tired playing a song on the laptop and it works fine if its just the laptop thats plugged into the EQ but the second i plug in the VGA to the laptop the sound comes out. this also happens when i try it with the screen off.
i dont think its the VGA thats the problem the sound only comes out if the metal part of the plug touches any other metal part of the laptop.

i can use the laptop with the screen and play music thru the ipod without any problems

what is wrong with my system?