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Thread: Need a DEQ with Digital input and REMOTE

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    Need a DEQ with Digital input and REMOTE

    I am looking for a digital EQ with Optical, Toslink or COxial input
    Simply Front rear and Sub RCA outputs to the amps is fine the issue I have is I have ZERO room in the dash need a eq with a remote face, or maybe one with a remote unit and a VIdeo output.

    Suggestions ???

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    orion makes a 31 band stereo digital EQ with optical ins and outs, as well as RCA ins and outs, but it doesnt have on the fly adjustability, so you'd have to do your tuning off the road.

    its a sexy unit though, top end for a graphic EQ.

    edit: called Orion 97.2, or concept 97.2 (not MADE by concept, thats the model), and I'm just told PPI makes the same unit called PPI DEQ30

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    Alpine makes a DSP as well as an auxilary controller if you don't have one of their top of the line headunits. Works perfect for a carputer.

    Has 3 digital optical inputs, as well as a standard stereo analog the AI-Net stuff. Has 2 sets of front outputs, 1 set of rear, 1 center (can be switched to a 2nd sub out) and 1 sub out.

    Awesome unit I've had zero problems with it and the features are amazing. Control unit is a standard din sized face plate that you can mount anywhere

    here's a picture of the processor:

    here's a pic of the control unit:

    Model numbers are:
    PXA-H701 (processor)
    RUX-C701 (control unit)

    This is the newest Alpine unit, they make others with similiar features that are a lot cheaper - check out ebay.

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