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Thread: Need Help! To win online car audio competition.

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    Whoa!!! What the hell just happened? I know that a lot of people here have computers in their car, but this forum is called "mp3car." Again, while most people achieve the goal of playing mp3s in their car by using a computer, that is not the point of this site. Giving help on making a sound system in your car to play mp3s is the point. Telling someone to get off the board because they have no computer is just plain wrong.

    Now, telling him to get off the board because he's a ******* troll, well now thats valid.

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    get off the board your a ******* troll.
    CarPC status: iPod, 3,456,217 songs so **** you

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    Boring! Sorry, but you could do something like be original!

    I mean, post on these forums without a carPC or similar? Christ.....
    How do we know u made it? Could have been bought, its that standard.

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