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Thread: Connecting an MP3 Player into a Sony Stereo

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    Connecting an MP3 Player into a Sony Stereo

    I know that I would need an adapter. But which one is the least expensive one to get? I know the XA-300 would work but that is a little too expensive. Would the XA-C30 work? I looked up some pictures of it and the inputs it had had a bus control jack for CD changers. However if I were to connect an mp3 player I would only have the AUX cables to connect it but not the BUS control jack. Would it still work?

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    The XA-C30 is only like $10 cheaper besides the fact that it is for controlling multiple cd changers. You need the XA-300.
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    What headunit? Cheapest way would be to use the AUX-IN if it has one

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