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    which one

    i am trying to decide on a new source unite. I need at least 3 sets of rca outputs that put out at least 4V
    I do not need an internal amp and rather not have one but if it does it must have a bypass option.
    Also I would like it to change color so I can match it to my interior.
    I have found these two so far
    any input?

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    is there a reason you insist on no amp or bypass? this limits your choices significantly.

    you could easily tape them up and itll look just fine as a wire loom.

    anyways, check out eclipse, they have some classy looking radio's and I believe the 8 series or the top 8 series has no internal amp. cant change the color, but its black and white with silver trim, so no wories about it not matching in a tacky way.

    if you can sacrifice three sets of outputs there is a rockford fosgate unit built by denon, its usually referred to as the denford unit. RF 8250, has digital RCA or SPDIF inputs, TWO but not three sets of outputs, and no internal amp. sexy copper chassis, too. and you chan change the color to green or amber/orange/red kinda color.

    might be worth checking out too.

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    I just order an Alpine CDA-9830 from crutchfield for 249.99. On their site it list as 279.99. Just tell them that you have their catalogue on page 49 (I can't remember for sure), but the back of the catalogue also feature that HU for that price.

    [edit] On crutchfield catalogue also feature that 2 HU you mention too. One is 100 off and the other is 50 buck off from their regular selling price.
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