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Thread: Computer input on amp?

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    Computer input on amp?

    This might be a total n00b question, but on my amp, there is a rca input, can i just get a rca to headphone jack cord, and use this as an input?
    And if so, how would this work with my headunit? What would i need to set it to?
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    yes, you could direct connect it, but if you have a hu, then see if its got aux-in, then go that route, if it doesnt, then if its alpine,pioneer,kenwood, you can use the bus link and buy a cable from crutchfielf or car toys ard hook your comp in to it. any questions do a few searches for Ip Bus Hack.


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    check out this link.

    HOW TO: Get sound from PC to Car Stereo / Amp this shows you how to bypass your HU...but it all depends on what you want to amp... if you just want to amp your subs and not ur speakers i'd suggest going to your HU then to the subs... well not only would i suggest it i cant really see how it'd work well any other way... if its a 4 channel to amp your speakers then awesome go for it... im sure you knew that but im trying to gain a name here

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