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Thread: Cheap USB Sound Card

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    Cheap USB Sound Card

    Hi folks.... I just came across this link from CompGeeks.
    they have a cheap, USB sound card that may work for some folks...

    I have not and am not planning on getting one, just thought I would pass it on.

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    Looks like it sounds-Cheap
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    and nasty!

    Would be perfect for using as alternate soundcard for headrest mounted GPS and phone speakers though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClubFed11
    Looks like it sounds-Cheap
    Why does it sound cheep? did you look at the audio specs?
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    Ah, i own something that's very similar to this, same chipset and specification, but it's made by Sinovoice, and it was AU$15 as well. They're not too bad, it's a 2 channel chip (it's a virtual 5.1, so uses some psychoaccoustics to mimic depth, which i switch off) and it sounds better than my Sigmatel onboard sound on my Dell notebook (when i compare them using headphones).

    Worst thing about them that i find is that it's small (smaller than a USB memory key) and i've nearly lost it several times

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