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Thread: Creating a RCA switch

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    Creating a RCA switch

    I was wondering if there is any way to create a custom rca switch to switch sources for rca audio since i only have 1 input on my deck and do not want a regular switch from radio shack or something due to the fact that they are big, and dont do a very discrete job

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    Yes. LED chaser IC (4017), some resistors, and some transistors. And then you can add whatever momentary switch you want.

    Pretty simple stuff. I built one, never made it into my car though.
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    I just use a 3 or 2 way switch and hook the audio up to that and keep the ground connected to all so all you doing is switching the audio
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    couple of 5 pole realys will do, feed the sources into the switching contacts and the output from the common. use any switch you like (or the pc etc) for the coil. connect all the grounds together.

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    well i have no experience will relays. can someone maybe draw up a quick diagram of how to make something like this?

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