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Thread: Wiring Questions??

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    Wiring Questions??

    I have already read the STICKY on audio from pc to amps so I think I know what I am doing just need to clear some things up. Ok I am planning on getting the MA-Audio Revolution 5.1

    or the Sound Blaster Audigy ZS 2

    How would I wire in a Equalizer like this one:

    Would I take the line out from the sound card to the line in on the equalizer and then run the seperate RCA's(front,back,sub) from the EQ or how do I do that im a little confused? Or is the EQ useless? Im trying to run a 4ch Amp for my comps and a mono amp for my sub help would be greatly appreciated im ordering my carpc today so I really need to clear this up its either this or a indash dvd deck. Really want the CarPc though!! Thanks in advance.

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    You can't.
    That mixer is made for 2 channel audio input. (left and right)
    A 5.1 card would be a waste. I use a SB Live! Value for good audio quality, but come on, you will be listining to MP3s, not DVDs with 6 channels, no? If you did wish to use the mixer, you would use a 1/8th inch jack to RCA jack converter cable, (Sold anywhere, radio shack, Best buy....) to the main in, then take the sub, front, and rear, and amp it.

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    Any more suggestions??

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