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Thread: RCA dynamic voltage range...?

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    RCA dynamic voltage range...?

    i am having difficulty choosing a set of amps for my vehicle. Lacking a multi meeter i have no idea how much voltge is output from a computer's soundcard on each channel. Does anyone know the range? does teh sound card effect it?

    Gigabyte nForce2pro (rev. 2) onboard sound

    amps in question take a range of 150mv to 4v
    or 120mv to 5v
    depending on set i get

    Any idea guys? Im tryin to prevent clipping and burining out things if i can.

    Thx alot

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    from my testing - the ONBOARD sound puts out only .5v

    you will want to boost that voltage to an acceptable level. I used an Arc Audio PEQ-7 which is an eq, it boosted my voltage to 9v. Doing so will give you a much cleaner sound. You also won't have to worry with trying to find an amp that matches your output voltage of your sound card.

    In general, i think that you are looking at this with too technical of a

    just pick an amp that you like, and get something like an eq or other that will boost your voltage level to an acceptable level...
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