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Thread: How's this amp?

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    Question How's this amp?

    Infinity Reference 5760a
    I like that I can run a sub off the same amp that will power my car speakers. I plan on putting infinity speakers in place of my stock ones, and then adding a sub at a later time. I'm not trying to make a huge system, or have perfect sound, just looking for good quality at a decent price.
    Any opinions on this amp? Also, a stupid question: What is the difference between running 2 ohm's or 4, and how do you know which you should do?
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    Assiming the amp can flow the current, halving the resistance will double the power. For example, 100 watts into 4 ohms will be 200 watts into 2 ohms. Most amps will tell you their rating based on load. Just don't go below what the amp is rated to handle.

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    like gmc said...the amps specs and your speaker specs will dictate what you can do....what ever you buy, make sure they they are other words....make sure the ohm ratings are similar....

    as for the's fine for what you are wanting to do....but it's not the only multichannel amp out long as you stay name brand (and rather well known name brand) you generally can't go wrong.....

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