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Thread: 2000 Mitsu Eclipse GT Aux-In

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    Quote Originally Posted by takissd
    I think i still havea diagram of the eclipse audio cabling i will check at home and attach it if i do.
    So, do you have it? Also, didn't know my amp was under the passenger seat. Is this true on the 2000 GT also?

    Quote Originally Posted by takissd
    Where did you and the other guys put the pc?
    Planning on under dash on passenger side, all the way in the back. Have the PC in a really small custom built case (will psot picks when I have it done). Will mount HD seperately.
    What would be really cool would be in glove compartment, but not sure if it will fit. Just hopeful thinking. (btw, its a mini-ITX)

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    I have my (too large) custom case behind the passenger-side back seat, in the trunk. Wires are routed under the back seat, thru wire loom to under the driver's seat.

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    I currently have the computer in a travla c134 din case residing in the bottom din with a digitalww pullout touchscreen in the upper din. This summer I'm changing my setup, storing the computer in the center console (arm rest area) and installing the pxa-h700 control face in the bottom din.

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    here we go...

    ok, sorry for taking me so long, it was not in the directory i thought due to a recent disk format but i got here it is. also attaching anoyther file i had from the 3G forum...
    I mounted my pc in the trunk. i have a travla C134 black with the opus 90W inside. They all fit in there. This is good, i can take it out of the car anytime i need and it looks cleaner too.. maybe i will take some pics.. Also i didnt want to do too much cause i am planning to get another car soon. So i wanna be able to return it to stock as easy as possible. hope the files help
    Attached Files Attached Files
    -VIA EPIA M10000/512MB/40GB HD
    -DWW motorized 7'
    -BU 303 GPS w/iGuidance/ CF
    -Belkin Bluetooth
    -Pioneer HU

    [||||||||||] 95% done

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