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Thread: 2004 Mustang vert audio question

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    2004 Mustang vert audio question

    Hey guys!

    I'm new to this stuff, but i'm starting on a carpc project for my stang. I haven't taken anything apart, but there are parts in transit, and I can't freakin wait for them! Anyways, enough incoherent rambling, I have an actual question. What sound source would you recommend come from the PC? Onboard? soundblaster? Other? I figure this is an important question since it may have a large impact on sound quality. I appreciate any advice or flaming you have to offer. Actually, if you don't have any advice, feel free to flame, I could use a good laugh.


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    It depends on what kind of Mobo you have. I would suggest a soundcard that has front and rear channels sepertly and use a 4 channel amp to power your speakers. there are many diffent setups one can do. i would just do a quick search in the audio section or just look at others setups. here is a guy that did a great job with the sound from him mobo.

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    Hey Gringo

    you just declared open season on yourself buddy


    I will be polite.....

    I recommend a search followed by another search and then another search and then once done, check out the "show off your project" area

    The general consensus is on board sound is ok, not great the biggest problems the onboard sound guys get is often related to earthing of the pc case etc, the preffered ultimate solution is a USB 2 sound card, that way the sound card can be placed right alongside the amps and you have minimal cable length to the amp, the pci cards do seem an upgrade on the onboard sound if your case has the space and the movement of the vehicle doesnt introduce unwanted physical strain on the actual pci components and so on
    welcome and enjoy getting this done, its well worth it in the end oh and get an opus to solve your power problems as well
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