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Thread: KIA HU AUX in help?

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    KIA HU AUX in help?

    I feel like i aught to be able to find this out myself but for whatever reason i have been unsuccesfull. I am trying to find an AUX in adapter for the stock HU in my 2002 kia rio (feel free to laugh). I know no one sells one for it but I was wondering if the radio was manufactured similarly to any other bigger names, I know hyundai owns part of Kia and i think GM owns a big part of them so i thought the adapter might be the same. If not could someone possibly point me to some information about figuring out a pin out for it... testing pins with a multilister? I just need to figure out which two are the audio and i can just attach a spliced cable.

    sorry for the n00b question but i swear i did before asking


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    related but slightly different...

    if no help can be found for the first question... how bad is one of those direct tie in FM things. The one that hooks onto the antena in and give you an input. I know tuners are bad but i dont hear much about this option... considering im going through a stock stero any way, would i even notice an issue with the sound quality?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Did you search at some audio site that usually sell those like installer dot com or xmfan store? Lookup P.I.E or Precision Interface Electronics for an adapter for your car. There are some other company that make adapter too.

    If none of them has it, get one of those cassette tape adapter (cassette with a wire) if your radio has cassette tape player. If cassette tape is not an option, then get one of those FM modulator (NOT FM transmitter). The modulator is one that old (10 years ago) universal CD changer used. Sound quality is okay compare to all other noise (wind, road, engine, crappy road, and rattling) the car has.
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    I knew no one could answer this without some sort of jab at the car.
    Thanks for the input

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