I'm trying to wire my laptop's stereo output into the cd changer input of my rfx8220. The wiring for this connector is as follows:

1 (R) CH
4 B+
5 M. Ground
6 NC
7 (L) CH
8 A. Ground

I have tried wiring directly into the l/r channels, but the hu recognizes that there's no cd changer connected and switches to fm. Does anyone know what I might have to do to trick this into accepting my audio input? I currently am using an fm transmitter, but the quality is pretty bad, especially since there's a fairly powerful radio station at 88.5, and it only goes from 88.1 to 88.7. Also, this stereo can work with either the rfx8810 or rfxmp3.8 cd changer (neither of which I can find manuals on, and i don't own either one). And just to clarify, wiring/sodiering doesn't scare me in the least, I'm a (first year) computer engineering major

edit: okay, this probably should have gone in the newbies section....