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Thread: LineX USB FM Modulator??

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    LineX USB FM Modulator??

    Has anyone tried this FM Modulator before. Pricey but it's bus powered!

    Check it out

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    I have a Linex FM modulator, only the non-usb powered version. (uses 4 AA batteries).

    Soundquality is ok, and its very stable, during my drive last year on holiday (1200 km) I never had to re-scan the tuner, so the PLL does its work very fine.

    Only my unit has 8 pre-programmed frequencies, using dip switches, but thats not a real issue. Can't compare the soundquality to a regular radiostation, since i don't use the unit anymore.
    I was planning to make it battery-powered myself using a voltage regulator, but I decided to remove my HU at all and connect the carpc directly to an amp.

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