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Thread: Home speakers in the car

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott_fx View Post
    haha. i may be able shoe horn that into my car...or maybe i'll get a moving truck for them. at least they will only need 5 wrms of power!
    hahaha. You could probably get one in your car I was thinking a short bus. That would be like a concert on wheels.

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    Home amp :)

    Hey there am new here ... well i just wanna know is it worth to use a custom made amp i have one i made by myself works great its a STK 4191 amp with 2 channel but the thing is its power supply i used is 220 v so if i use a inverter for the car is it possible ?

    well performance of the amp is really cool i tested it with 2 10" response carbon fibre cone woofer which worked really great .......

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