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Thread: Dim lights on display

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    Dim lights on display

    My roommates antenna wire came loose and stopped pulling in radio stations. So we took out the radio and re attached the antenna cable. Now the front panel display is very very dim, but it was not dim before we took out the radio. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

    we pulled it back out and all the connections seem good between the wires.

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    Most radio's have a dimmer line that run to them, when you turn on the headlights it dims the radio because it assumes it's dark out and doesn't need to be illuminated as much. Identify that wire and make sure it's not loose.

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    also disconnecting power returns most to factory defaults... you may have a manual dimmer setting (my HU does)
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    some headunits will also be tied into the dimming option for your dash board....

    I know on my car and on the truck you can dim the dash board lights and sometimes it will dim the radio as well...

    might want to check that as well
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