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Thread: Radio ISO Extention Cable

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    Radio ISO Extention Cable

    Hi there,

    I have a Ford CD6000 Head Unit which I need to put in the glove box. But the cable is not long enough. Is there any way to extend the cables without having to cut the origional 1's?


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    If it's got standard ISO plugs like my Pug then:

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    You can buy an extension lead in the UK from a company called Autoleads. sell them. The part number is PC2-70-4 and it a long lead with male ford plugs on one end and female ones on the other. It was originally intended to be run between a head unit and the amplifier fitted seperately under the dash with Ford 2007 RDS radio to bypass the amplifier. The speaker connection is certainly long enough but you may have to check the length of the power lead.

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    Cool thanks.

    The other thing is does any1 know now to extend the arial cable?

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