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Thread: Questions on a simple iPod audio input to head unit

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    Questions on a simple iPod audio input to head unit

    I have a 98 Infiniti i30, which has a CD changer control on the head unit. I want to basically wire an iPod to the CD changer control connector on the back of the head unit. I plan on buying an iPod audio/power cable and cut it up to get the audio out and power in lines. Then I should be able to hook it up to the car if I know what pin is what function on the back of the head unit.
    Does anyone know what the pinout for the cd changer connector on the 98 Infinitis is? It should be the same as the Nissans of a similar year.


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    Sounds like a very difficult task... for me at least.
    Just FYI, they do sell adapters for most factory stereo cd changer inputs to connect any 1/8" audio out. Also, they make them specifically for Ipods so that the controls on the HU are more specific to the ipod.

    I know I found a site real easy for my honda's factory stereo, but I ended up getting a new stereo anyway. The adapter would have been $30 online.

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    Why not ipod2car or icruze ?
    Car pc integration with ease
    Car mediacenter

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    Well, 1) I'm cheap, and 2) it seems like it should be a really easy task. I mean, looking at the iPod dock connector, it takes 12v power and ground, and has connections for audio as well. I'd still have to control it on the ipod itself, but it's a lot better than paying $300 for the iCruze, which is kind of a mediocre solution anyway (only works with a certain number of playlists).

    I need to look for the cd changer input to 1/8" audio out. That might be at least a partial solution. I'll let you know how this progresses.

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