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Thread: HU w/o cd player?

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    HU w/o cd player?

    does anyone make a hu that has just the amp and screen part? i have no need for the cd drive part, as i'll have a dvd drive for my carputer. i need something to power my speakers, and i think something like this would be a good alternative to a standalone amp since it would be a simpler install and would probably add radio to the setup. i appreciate any help.

    *EDIT* and something not really crappy. basically aftermarket cd player, without the cd player part...if that makes any sense...

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    Hmm, could always try using an in-dash EQ. an EQ will have RCA jacks for front and rear speakers as well as a fader knob and remote wire. Check out this thread for more details. Wiring - EQ,opus,4ch amp,subs,lcd-drawing idea
    I dont really know of a unit that is just a pre-amp and flip out lcd display. Using an EQ is like having a HU without all the bells and whistles. Hope this helps.
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