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Thread: components or not?

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    components or not?

    I'm looking to revamp the audio portion of my Jeep.

    Are component sets worth it? I hardly have the top on my Jeep, only during the winter, so I imagine most of the sound coming out of the tweeters would be lost.

    I have two sets to replace, a 5 1/4 in the front and a 6 1/2 in my soundbar that I'm fabricating.

    I was thinking of maybe putting the components in the soundbar as it's right above my head so I might hear the tweets then.

    Nothing is amped yet either, that will come a little bit later.


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    are component sets worth it?
    no one can answer that question except for yourself. the benefits of a component set is that they are more dedicated than coaxial speakers. they do require more room and sometimes they require a little fabrication for placement of the tweeter if your vehicle doesn't have stock locations for them.

    if you aren't amping your speakers then you will want to stay away from they usually require a little more juice.

    In general, seperates are going to give you a much more full sound than a set of coaxials, but, in a vehicle like yours, with the top off, I doub't will ever notice it....but again, that's something you will have to decide for yourself because no one else knows EXACTLY what your listening tastes are like...

    also, keep in mind that with seperates you will have to find somewhere to put the crossover.
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