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Thread: Fan-cooled sub

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    Once again, thanks for your answers!

    I've now been feeding my sub with some 50-150hz sinus-waves, and i can damn well hear when the amp starts to clip. Had a terrible headache the rest of the day after sitting in the car for about an hour listening to 240Watts of sqarewaves

    It's harder though to hear distortion in the bass-kicks, but I guess they don't produce that much heat since they have such a short period of time.

    I've been thinking about the low frequencies, like below 30hz (yes, I know you can't hear that in a car, unless it's very big ). Unless the sub bottoms out, shouldn't it cool down the sub extra, since it is below the resonance frequency and thus have a higher cone excursion?

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    Ok here is the way i test my subs. And im no expert but i have been doing this a long time now. And i have 2 1000 watt rms subs. I picked up a bass testing cd at my local audio shop. It has a track that starts a very low frequency to a very high frequency and back down again. I turn my volume up to a level that is damn loud but wont hurt my component speakers. Then i pop in the test track and run it over and over until i start to hear the sub clip or distort and then turn down the gain on my amp and run it one more time to be sure. But i would suggest taking your sub and amp somewhere and getting it scoped properly if you are feeling uneasy about doing it yourself. And always remember the gain is not a volume control for your sub. It is a way to match the signal from the head unit with the signal going to the subs. Or so im told

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