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Thread: OLDS Aurora Bose stero

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    OLDS Aurora Bose stero

    I have a 95 Olds Aroura. It has a Bose system in it. I do not want to put in a head unit, just run my new amp into the speakers.

    If I am thinking correct all I should need is a adapter to plu into the wiring harness and then connted my amp to that.

    Is that correct or do I have other problems?

    Also I the car has a cd changer in the trunk. Would it be possible to just connect the sound from my computer to that somehow? Isn't the cd changer just a line in?


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    Found it

    Answered my own question.

    To avoid all the bose headaches I add this which allows me to hook up my pc.

    And then put it the amp and new subs, pull the existing wires going to the factoy sub and plug them into my new sub amp which attached to the new subs of course. Easy!

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