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Thread: my set up...

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    my set up...

    tell me what you guys think of my set up i will be running.

    Alpine Mono Sub amp
    Alpine 4ch amp for door and rear speakers

    Alpine Type R component speakers in the front doors
    Infinity Kappa 3 way speakers in the rear
    Infinity Perfect 10.1 10 inch sub

    All video/audio will be ran through the carpurter, i will be running a soundblaster live 5.1 soundcard.

    Now i am not looking for HUGE bumpin system just something that sounds really clean.

    Anything i should worry about when setting this up?
    i already have all the stuff i just thought i would ask before installing.

    BTW this will be going into a 00 celica gts

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    awsome it will be bumpin cant wait till its done :-P

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