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Thread: 2000 Cadillac Catera - Bose Stereo...

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    2000 Cadillac Catera - Bose Stereo...

    Hi all.

    In the development stages of my carputer, and although I am on track with planning the computer/display side of things I am running into some issues with the audio.

    I am a complete newbie at car audio, and I have done a TON of research for my car and still am having problems.

    I want to run out from my sound card and to an AUX IN so the audio is fairly decent. Simple enough for most, evidently for me it is a NIGHTMARE.

    My Bose system in the Catera has no AUX IN. Ok, I hear that I can get an adapter since my car has an OPTION for a CD changer which I do NOT have. Nope, it seems that nobody makes an adapter to use the Changer as an AUX IN.

    Here is the next confusing part. I go to a car audio store today and plead my case. Guy seemingly has no idea what I am talking about and says he cannot find ANY HEADUNIT anywhere that will work with my car.

    I have to say this is BS, but he was typing in his little computer and came up with no options for me to get an AUX IN that I can use in my car.

    Please give me some direction here, as mentioned, I am a complete novice at car audio, so please keep this in mind with your answers.

    I simply must be able to put an aftermarket HU in this car but when the guy at the store says no, you start to wonder!

    Thanks in advance, great resource...

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    Because your radio is not flat, but rather curved on the front, finding a shoud might be a little tough, but it looks like a double din. Hard to say though. A single din unit should fit for sure though. One thing for sure, it wont be fun. I would search a little more for the plug, but I dont know if you will find anything. And try a different store. Ask them if they could install a single din radio into your car. Then, if they say "sure," come back here and we can help you find a good one to install.

    Might wanna look here and ask this guy...

    Good luck!


    Edit: This guy has a shroud that looks more store bought

    I would just look around the cardomains page for help I guess

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    It is indeed double DIN, but my TS will be going there anyway. Not much fun fabricating the bezel, but I am going to try and put my impatience aside. That being said, I finally found something!

    AUX2CAR with an adapter for a 2000-2001 Catera.

    Sounds like it should work... Thanks for the links too...


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