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Thread: Newbie question- 5.1 audio what to do with center/LFE

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    Newbie question- 5.1 audio what to do with center/LFE

    Hi there

    I am process of installing EPIA MII 12000 based box in my Van. I have bought one 4/3 Sony Xlod Amp and one 2 channel Sony Xlod Amp 502Z. I have configured the sound on the PC to be 5.1 with the pink output being Center LFE. I have connected the rear output to the front channel on the 4/3 amp and the subwoofer to the rear channel. I have connected the front output to the 502Z amp. All works very well except that I do not get voice on DVD playback because center channel is in fact a Center/LFE channel which I need to swap to get sub to work. If I mix in surround sound I can get center channel to play to front/rear speakers but that is not ideal. I use a connector that takes the stereo pin to two RCA's.

    The question is: Can I get proper 5.1 to work with my kit or should I buy another Amp just for the center speakers. If so how do I separate the center channel from the LFE channel?


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    I think that thiss "pink" output both "center/Sub lines so you just test withs is what. In my systems the "left channel make Sub and the right output channel the center lines. Becauce they isn't stereo signals and outputs in card is.

    Hoply thiss wasn't too confusing.
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    Bump...Bump...Bump.... Here we go again.....


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    "I use a connector that takes the stereo pin to two RCA's."

    as ekip said, one RCA should be for center and the other for LFE. they are not mixed.

    you may want to get an amp for center (or LFE) though. as you only have 2 + 2 + sub now. you could amplify LFE as normal channel along with center, but probably not a good setup. give it a try first though.

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    center channel amp

    what would be a good amp for a center channel, it would only need to be for on speaker, and are there any good single center channel speakers, because most speakers come in pairs? thanks
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    ETA: When i get more time

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    Final solution

    I have opted to upgrade my 502Z for a two channel Xplod Amp. This allows me to play the LFE through the LF channel on the SD46X and have bought two more speakers for center channel. They will just not be stereo.

    Now I have 9 speakers in my Car with 1100W of amp

    Thanx for the help


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    Hey pdhbo,

    I've got the same amp, though I'm not worrying about the subs (yet). I'm having a terrible time with the MII board and getting the fading to work (or surround for that matter). I'm going blue to front channel, green to rear channel, pink open. The sound I get from the rear seems like the front channel. IDK - anyone run into this?

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