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Thread: My Setup / Audio Question

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    My Setup / Audio Question

    Here's a diagram of my setup. I know it's not the best, (both the diagram and the setup) but I'm on a VERY tight budget, so I used what I had lying around right now. The question I have is as follows:

    The audio feeding directly from my XM Unit into my cassette adapter is overdriven on the high end and requires some equalization (hisses and pops on snares, cymbols and some talking). My Computer is a Dell Inspiron Laptop and doesn't have any line-in (only a mic, which I can't run as a passthrough). Is there either:

    a) A program which will allow me to output my mic input to speaker output in real time?


    b) A device (cheap please) which I can put between the XM and the cassette adapter which I can control the volume from.
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    The delay in sound being received by a microphone and reproduced by speakers is probably measured in milliseconds. Check to make sure that the microphone playback and record volumes are not muted.

    I don't see why you can't use it that way.

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    I can't even get the mic in to play through the headphones out.

    I called support and they confirmed that it's not possible without external software. I have purchased a USB SoundBlaster Card (which will solve my problem), in the interim, I have put an inline volume controller between the XM and the Head Unit. It flattens the highend a little much for my liking, but it's just a temp. solution.

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