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Thread: Need to fix my sub.

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    Need to fix my sub.

    I got a great deal on 3 JL audios and a kenwood 11 channel eq. Two of them are 8" subs and one 10" sub. I decided to put the 10" sub with the box in my car. I think when I went to test it though the surround came loose. It looks to be just from age though because it didnt rip or bust or anything like that. It seems to have come unglued. The JL surround seperated from the cone as if the glue just got old and came a loose. I really want to keep this sub setup because for one it was dirt cheap and two, I like the way it sounds. What can I use to seal this back together?
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    Loctite 495 seemed to work alright for my brothers sub, but we just glued it today, so no telling if itll dry out the surround. that should work alright too I would think.

    Also, I have heard a lot of epoxys work well, but I am not too sure. You just want something that will be gentle on the rubber/foam surround, and that wont dry it out or eat through it or anything.

    Good luck with it! And even if the surround rips, you can still get a new one. Just take it to a JL dealer to get it fixed, or find a place to buy a new surround.


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    ring JL and see if they will sell you a recone kit.
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