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Thread: Kenwood password problem

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    Exclamation Kenwood password problem

    I have a kenwood kdc-7009 and i bought it off of one of my friends.he never gave me the password,i have tried the kenwood company,they would'nt give me the master password without proof of purchase which really kenwood is useless without the password any help would be good thank you.

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    talk to your friend and ask him for the code.

    alternatively you can always try a service like these folks..

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    Talk to your friend to give you the code. If he doesn't have it, ask for receive or ask him to call Kenwood to get the code for you. If he doesn't have the code/receive, give back my fu<king money.
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    Your answer

    you need one of the OLDER THIN CREDIT CARD STYLE REMOTES. When you get that, email me and I will tell you the code. Without the remote you're S.O.L !

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