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Thread: sub positioning

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    sub positioning

    Hey guys im working on a sub box in the fender wells I got the base down but I gotta position where the subs gonna sit now so I need some input on whats gonna sound the best. heres the pics

    what the base looks like right now

    aimed forward

    aimed straight across

    also any ideas on how I could inset the sub a lil so I could put a plexi front on it for protection woudl be great

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    It is best to angle it a little if you plan to put a second one on the other side. You can make the sub recessed a bit by building a bigger ring around the one you already have and stretching the fleece around it. Make sure to make the diameter a little bigger then your sub size for when you stretch the fleece around your frame and for fiberglass reenforcement.

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    I seen after I posted on a site where it said to do the ring thing but would that be enough room for a plexiglass cover? And will it be ok to put a plexiglass cover over the sub on a sealed box?

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