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Thread: amp problem

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    WxGuy...I agree with you. My suggestions to him were based on the product he already has and the budget he has to work with. It will be best if he went the direction you suggested but I think that is not within his budget....I think but could be wrong. 2 12W3 would most certainly do the job for him.

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    wx guy 1, and that set up hits hard? how many watts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SickVette
    Actually Nic he would need a 2 ohm mono stable amp.

    Fitmonkey...the amp does not determine the impedance (ohms) the speakers do. But the amp can only handle so much resitance applied to it. Generally an amp that is capable of handling a 2 ohm mono load is in the higher priced class of amps. And yes it will be able to power nearly anything you put at it. You would be better off getting a bit more powerful 4 ohm mono amp. Then wire your two 4ohm drivers in series to give the amp a 8ohm load. This will be safe for your amp. Or you could change the subs to 8ohm or DVC 4 ohm drivers. There are several options depending alot on your budget.
    thats what i ment, or an amp thats 2 ohm stable bridged, if they even exist :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by fitmonkey1219
    wx guy 1, and that set up hits hard? how many watts?
    Most certainly. I have my 2 12W3s in a 5-6 ft^3 ported box (read: big and heavy), and they hit very well. Haven't measured SPL since I'm don't really care that much... The ESX is rated at 2ohms near 750w RMS, though I've heard/read (and experienced) that it's more near 1000w. The JL subs are also recognized to be able to handle much more than the wattage recommended by JL. Back in the day (lol okay, 5 years ago) they'd do well enough to cause ear pain and blur my vision

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