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Thread: Audigy 2 NX software/cd?

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    Audigy 2 NX software/cd?

    Hey guys, I've had an Audigy 2 NX for a while now, but on my home PC. I bought it before doing the carpc, but now I am thinking... i've got a Phoenix Gold 30 band graphic EQ, Phoenix Gold pro line driver, Phoenix gold T-Bat.... Cadence amps.... and im running thru the M10k onboard... so should I put the Audigy 2 NX in? Also, from my experience, the Audigy 2 NX will work without the software installed... but you don't get the cool controls and what not. Is it worth installing the software? I don't have a CD drive in the car. Also, I have a power inverter on a relay. Should I use the power inverter and the AC plug for the Audigy 2 NX or should I wire it to my power supply?

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    I would defo use the audigy in order to provide the best sound signal to your other equipment. If I were you I would power the audigy through the PSU and not the inverter.

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