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Thread: Bass from PC

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    Bass from PC

    i have my main PC going through my A/V receiver at home through the 6 channel input and when using media player i never seem to get anything from the sub.

    however when i write mp3s to cd and play them in the car it sounds fine with the car sub

    question is if i'm using a 6-channel sound card how can i get the same bass when i install my car PC?

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    If you're using the Left Front and Right Front inputs on the receiver, then maybe it just passes them through to the left and right front outputs. You'd be better off using a "stereo" input (like AUX or CD or TAPE IN), or a digital (optical or coax input) since the receiver should decode that to Dolby Surround and feed the sub. You should also check if the L & R speakers are configured as "Large" or "Small" in the receiver. If they were set to "Large", the receiver will probably only direct the LFE (0.1) input to the sub.

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    so when i install my car PC what signal should i feed the sub amp?
    should it just get the same signal but use its own filter?
    or is there a better way to set it up?

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    if you set up your soundcard to run in 5.1 channel mode, then you connect the sub(LFE) channel to the sub input. The trick can be to figure out if your sub output is tied to your center speaker output. if this is the case then you have to figure out which wire will lead to the sub and which leads to the center speaker. once the connections are made, and you are sure that it is all hooked up correctly, then the only problem will be on te software side of things. I could give more specific detail if I knew what soundcard you are using.

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