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Thread: 2002 buick rendezvous HU

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    2002 buick rendezvous HU

    I recently purchased a 02 rendezvous, it's pretty sweet, has a nice HUD for displaying speed and radio info, and I would like to keep that stuff.

    I searched a bit for "GM radio aux in" .. and didn't find too much. It has cd/tape but no aux. However I'm sure you cna get XM for it from the dealer, how would they do it? or do Ineed a new GM HU for it? I wouldn't mind getting an aftermarket pioneer or something, but I like the intergratedness of the stock one, and more importantly so does my wife.

    I'm thinking FM modulator, yes I know it's no the best, but the tape adapter seems messy. I would love a great add-on aux option, anyone have any ideas on it? I'm new to GM products, I know ford well.

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    Did you look at PEI electronic (and many more audio sites, xmfan is one of them) yet?
    You may be lucky to find one that work with your radio.
    But, during my search (a while ago), I can't find any adapter that work for my GM/AC Delco made 04 Matrix radio which is the same as Pontiac Vibe and/or the Buick HU.
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