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Thread: Newbie question on need for a HU

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    Newbie question on need for a HU

    Hey guys, I'm new here by totally psyched to get my carputer up and running.

    And yes.. I have a really newbie question.

    The computer I'm fine with.. I know my way around very well. The AUDIO on the other hand.. well I have a question.

    I have a dual din opening in my eclipse and am hoping to utilize the space as best as possible. I'd like to install the touchscreen in there along with a USB 2.0 DVD rom for movies, cd's etc... running directly to the computer.

    So I thought this is perfect, one spot for the in dash screen, one for the DVD rom.

    Then I realized I had no place for Head Unit.. then I thought, wait, do I need the head unit? I don't need to listen to FM radio, as my sirius and all audio will be routed through the computer.. but coming out of my basic crap audio out jack on the computer... does that have to go to a head unit? or can I plug it directly into my 760W amp? and power my speakers that way? I know this may be dumb but I really have no idea.. and I want to make sure it works and sounds decent. I would like to NOT have to use a head unit if possible.. and will just have to control the volume etc.. from the computer itself... any thoughts?

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    I installed my computer into my talon and the screen is perfect for the opening where the radio should go. I have the Xenarc 700tsv 7" screen. i fabricated from an aftermarket kit for that car, the type that accomadates the factory eq and purchased the shroud to hold the screen.
    As for the USB 2.0 DVD i dont think there will be enough room for that to go there. I actually fabricated a mount for a slim line slot loading dvd player into the arm rest compartment. but if you were going with a motorized flip out screen then it would be possible.

    And you can plug into your amps to power up the speakers. but if you stay with the on board audio out then you need to get a mini stereo jack to rca stereo plug to convert the lines from the computer to the amp plugs. I went with the creative external sound card, which allows complete 5.1 surround with a mic input and a line in for my XM, or your Sirrus. the some onboard audio ports will only give you the choice of either an output an input and a mic input, or just 5.1 surround.

    hope this helps.

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    Hey man, thanks so much for your help! I actually had a couple of quick questions regardling the talon/eclipse space for a screen. Nothing big.. is there any way to e-mail of IM you? thanks so much again!

    PS. Oh you have any pics of your install? that'd be so cool to see

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