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Thread: HU AMP AUX only whispers!!! HELP!! Desperate!!

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    Angry HU AMP AUX only whispers!!! HELP!! Desperate!!

    hello hello hello.

    I am opening this thread because of a wierd problem.
    I have all my dash ready, computer in the back and
    I am using my head unit (Pioneer DEH-P5100R) to amplify the signal

    So I have attached the double RCA Cable to the HU - behind it (there are 2xRCA, hopefully they are the AUX-IN) and drove it to the output of the pc's soundcard.
    Switched AUX on the HU, played a file, I can hear something but it is AS LOW AS A WHISPER, no matter how much I take the volume up!

    I tried bypassing the dualRCA cable and attaching a portable MP3 player to it directly with the same result.

    Any ideas? Pretty please give us some hint I am gonna go crazy on this.

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    go in to the windows volume control and makesure all the sliders are set correctly, that might have been overlooked

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    u sure you got it connected to the right pins on back of the HU?

    Test the pc output with a speaker, make sure its not the pc

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    If it's a DEH-P model, then you probably need the AUX-IN adapter.

    When you say there are 2xRCA, does that mean two RCA plugs, or two PAIRS of RCA plugs?

    Either way, I can almost guarantee you those are outputs. If you have a DEH-P, then you have an IP-BUS connector on the back which should be a blue connector with a bunch of pins. You either need to spend $30 on the adapter for it, or make your own. (

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    thank you everyone I am using the wrong input, I need to use the IP-BUS
    so I'll hack it as described here:

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    You never want to put an input to the rcas in the rear unless you know that those are aux. The pioneer models do not have aux input readily available and require additional cables or moduals. If you do put the input to the RCA plugs that are preouts, they will give some sound through the hu as described as a whisper, but it will also burn out the hu because of backfeed.
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