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Thread: Buying Amps on eBay

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbird2340
    I bought a used RF 500X off ebay. It worked great for about 6 months then blew. I contacted the seller (not expecting him to do anything since it was "as-is" and I don't think any of it was his falut) and he just said he had no problems. I asked him if he had the receipt but he didn't.

    I had to pay $125 to RF to get it fixed.
    what else did you expect?
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    I guess I expected it to work for the life I had it!!
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    I've bought a lot of car audio equiptment on ebay.....for ther most part I've been lucky & have almost always got a good deal......I did get one ppi art seiries that was toasted & a mcintosh mc4000m that i paid $1,400 the guy & all......still had two blown channels......had it fixed/refurbished for $180...still a $3,400 amp for under $1,600 total........

    yes there is risks involved...but there are also great deals to be had......if you buy alot then the law of averages are on your side.....guess it would suck to have the first one you buy be junk though

    I have bought $1,400 navigation systems for under $600.....I have bought high end $1,000 horns for under $300.....I have gotten $700 head units for under $400......

    there are definately deals to be had on ebay......the majority of them are either someone upgrading there system, or replacing there vehicle......

    I turn to ebay all the time for high end audio & computer/laptop stuff....for the most part I have saved a fourtune

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    I bought my Alpine MRV-450 5 channel amp new off of Ebay 3 years ago and it still works like its brand new. Planning on buying a JL 500/5 here soon, gonna go through ebay again seeing as its $100 cheaper than retail sites.
    I only buy new amps, I don't trust what other people have done to them (run them on low impedance loads, blasted the hell out of them, etc). Buying a used amp is a roll of the dice, you should expect a short lifespan out of it.

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    Dont buy from people who have a zillion feedback or the same post 10 times in a row, or are ONLY buy it now.

    Those are business on ebay and not REAL people.

    IMO the best **** on ebay to be had is always from person to person. Ive been on ebay 6 years and have 88 feedback. Thats damn good but nothing compared to alot of ebayers who use it as a business.

    Be wary of anyone selling tons of stuff, they arent an online Yard Sale, which is how I like to look at eBay....the better the text of the auction the better the item.

    Meaning that if it has a story with it, its usually someone just trying to get rid of something they no longer want or are upgrading. "I had this for a couple of years, used it all the time, works great" is a better auction than "100RMS comes with original box".
    (All done)
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    i agree completely. i always look for a decent write up of the specs and a comment or 2...not just, 'go here for'

    that way i know that the person has some patience and cares that people want to know the details and has made an effort

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    If you are buying used and the seller gives a NON DOA gaurentee then go for it. If it says new even claiming a warrenty the be cautious.

    Even with warrenties is it the sellers warrenty or is it the manufacturers? Allways try to buy new that the seller will refund or exchange if it craps out within the warrenty period.

    Why? Because the manufacturers warrenty may not be worth the paper it is written on. Manufacturers who protect thier dealer networks will not honor a warrenty if they find that the unit returned was not one sold for resale via an authorized dealer.

    Without going into how these new units are distrubuted without going through a authorized dealer network here, just be aware that it happens. Buy one of these and it blows up. You send it to the manfacturer with the warrenty card and you get it shipped back with with note attached saying gray market goods not warrented or the like.

    Even if it is a authorized unit with a good warrenty, having to ship it back to the manufacturer can lead to waiting several months to get a replacement or repair. You will be without your amp for at least 10 days. Now if you can stand having no tunes in your car for 2 weeks or more then fine.

    But I start going nutty after about 3 days.

    And those are the risks of buying from Ebay. And why stuff is sometimes alot cheaper that getting it through a real business. Walk into our shop and buy something you will pay more for it. But if anything happens to it during the warrenty period you walk out of the shop that moment with a new replacement unit. No waiting, no shipping charges, no questions or correspondence. Blow a sub? we give you a new one right there. Blow 6 all within the warrenty period you get 6 replacements. On number 7 we may charge you our shipping cost because if you blow 7 subs in a year you must be doing something really wrong.

    So if your going to buy on Ebay then do so. If you want to support a local business by all means do.

    Just DONT be one of those DIMWITS who go into a local shop and drill the staff with a thousand questions for an hour like your going to buy something from them and then after you got all this free advice go and Buy your stuff off of Ebay!!!!!

    We've seen hundreds of people like that and 5 minutes into the conversation we already have you pegged and at our shop we may or may not ask you to stop wasting our time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accentsound
    Just DONT be one of those DIMWITS who go into a local shop and drill the staff with a thousand questions for an hour like your going to buy something from them and then after you got all this free advice go and Buy your stuff off of Ebay!!!!!

    at the computer store I worked at peeple would come in with their busted *** laptop..

    "My fat roomate sat on it"
    "my girlfrend drove over it"
    "my cat peed on it"
    "my mom dropped it"

    no one ever says "I" ever...

    Anyway they come in with it, cuz we buy used ****, and say I want $500 for this laptop. Thats 2 years old and is broken. So we say, $100 and he goes, **** YOU I CAN GET MORE ON EBAY, THANKS FOR NOTHING! douchebag.

    If you KNOW what you can get on eBay and its a price you want to get, ******* GO FOR IT.

    Asking what a business (who is in the business of making money, not taking things off your hands) would pay you for something will always be LESS than what YOU can get for it yourself.


    Kell Blue Book

    Car price:
    Private sale

    all different prices.

    If someone knows how to use eBay, they should know how to use the internet too. Going out into reality to ask brick n mortar stores about **** when you got the ******* internet at home, is stupid.
    (All done)
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    I've bought 4 in the past few years with no issues.
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    I buy mostly decks and screens, and oddly enough, bowling balls on ebay. I've had a couple of people I've bought from lie a tad about the quality, but overall, its been descent.

    I would look at buying stuff on ebay like the value of a car. If its barley used, its not new, or close to new. A barley used car depricates in value
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