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Thread: Buying Amps on eBay

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    Buying Amps on eBay

    Any one had bad experiences buying amplifiers on eBay? They're so much cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Should i attempt to wade through all this BS or just go pay semi-full price at car-domain or something?
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    most amp companies won't honor the warranty if the amp is bought off of ebay, so if u don't mind taking the chance on getting a bad amp then go right for me i'd shell out the extra cash....its well worth it if anything goes wrong with it.

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    i bought one and it works fine

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    you guys act as if ebay is one person or seller! im pretty sure which ever amp your looking for there is a powerseller on ebay who has it and will give you a one year warranty or some sort. i bought autoteks off ebay and i got 3 year warranty on them. its not always bad.

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    ebay can be a great source for can by an older, higher quality amp for around the same price as you would pay for new cheap crap....of course this will take research to determine what's good & there is the risk factor, but I have found ebay to be a great source....... just learn how to read feedback & realize that if something looks too good to be probably isn't....

    you can get an old school ppi amp, old school
    you could get a good deal on mcintosh amps.....butler, xtant....ebay is great....ocasionally real high end stuff can be had there for pennies on the dollar......

    if your'e the type that wants new with oem warrentee's though....ebay may not be the best choice....although as eskalad said...there are many full blown bussiness traders on ebay that can be as good as any other online experience

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    EBay is only as good as the seller you buy from.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    agreed darque

    I've sold a lot of our amps on ebay, most of them still new in the box or with less than 20 hours of playing time on them.

    If you are lucky (and are just patient) you will find a lot of other people like me on ebay.

    People who are sponsored who get the stuff at DIRT cheap and are willing to sell a product that's hardly used just to pay for the new stuff that they are about to get...

    since our cars see only 5000 miles (on the HIGH end) in a year because we both ride motorcycles every day, my stuff is pretty much new when it comes out of the car. Only used when we have to have the car to run an errand or to go to competitions....

    look around a bit, check all the audio forums for sale sections and be patient. Decide which amp you want to buy then go look for it. To decide you want and amp, then look for a good price on any amp can be a huge headache. Pick the product first, then look for hte best price on that particular product.

    I talk good about ebay in this sense. Both my boyfriend and I have been screwed over royally on ebay and with paypal. it's not fun and it can be a BIG headache. for this reason I will not purchase on ebay unless it's just a really good deal...and even then I'm nervous about it
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    The one thing i noticed about ebay is theres tons of these really crappy amps with massive max power power ratings, like 2000W but only with say, a 25 amp fuse ..... and when you manage to find the manufacturers web page you find out its about 200w rms all round... just make sure you always find the makers site and check the datasheet for its real output before bidding.

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    yeah make sure you check the manufacturers details.
    if its an older model they usually have the older manuals achived on the site somewhere

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    I bought a used RF 500X off ebay. It worked great for about 6 months then blew. I contacted the seller (not expecting him to do anything since it was "as-is" and I don't think any of it was his falut) and he just said he had no problems. I asked him if he had the receipt but he didn't.

    I had to pay $125 to RF to get it fixed.
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