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Thread: Amp turn on problem.

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    Amp turn on problem.

    Ok, got a new deck installed (Alpine 9853) and had it professionally installed. Now the amp for the sub is not turning on. Heres what i have diagnosed so far.

    - Subwoofer turned on in deck options.
    - Voltameter says +,- for amp is at 12.7v.
    - Took it back and the installer said it was correctly hooked to the deck.
    - Fuses checked and were fine.

    Only thing im guessing is the turn on lead is bad somehow. How many volts should i be getting when i use the voltameter to check the amp turn on lead??
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    The easiest way to check this is to take a wire from +power on the amp to remote on the amp and see if it wakes up, if it does not then this circuit is broken and it will not work when the HU turns on.

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    Hey, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to car audio, but I recently installed my amp in my trunk and battled with it not turning on as well.

    I did the same thing you did, took a voltmeter to the power and ground and it said 12 something volts, but the amp still would not turn on.

    So I tried the following to see if my amp was broken or not:
    1) Opened up the hood of the car.
    2) Had a friend hold the ground wire directly to the negative terminal on the battery.
    3) wired the remote turn on and the positive battery inputs together
    4)Touched the combined wire to the positive terminal on the battery.
    5) It turned on! "Thank goodness my amp is not broken!" I thought to myself... the only question then was "What's the difference between the front of the car and the back of the car"?

    The problem ended up being my ground connection in my trunk. Apparently there was enough of a connection when I had it hooked up in my trunk for a voltmeter to show voltage, but it was not a good enough connection for the current needed to turn on the amp. I found a new ground connection point in the trunk and poof.. it turned on!

    So not only do you need proper voltage... but current as well.

    Again, I'm a newbie, so this may not apply to your situation at all, I just thought I'd share my experience in case it does.

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