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Thread: 2003 Cavalier Sound system adapter?

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    2003 Cavalier Sound system adapter?

    Hey Ive searched around but I cant seem to find what im looking for, Im hooking up an amp to run my stock speakers becasue im taking my Stereo out to put in my 7' Touchscreen display, but im not sure how exactly I'm gona need to hook my amp up to the system, Does anyone know of a plug adapter or am I going to have to find a Diagram of my plug and splice the cables together? For some reason I cant seem to find much on 2003 Cavaliers anywhere =/

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    Nope there isnt a plug or adapter available to hook up your amp. In fact no car manufacturer has anything like the sort to hook up an amp to the stock system. An amp is not a plug-n-play component. I'd suggest get it professionally installed because it sounds like you might be in over your head.
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    331 has lots of information.

    Also go to google and type in the name john lenko. If your browse the results you will find everything you need to know.

    You prolly will get what you want done, but there is no 'easy way' involving an adaptor or something.

    I have an 01 sunfire, I might be able to help you with some stuff so pm or email me with any questions
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    Thanks guys, by adapter i meant the one that plugs into my harness so I wouldnt have to splice that, and I think I found one thatll work at wallmart, and that j-body site is exactly what I need thanks!

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    i have a 2004 cavalier, and took a different route (new headunit, new speakers, 4 channel amp, and another amp for the subs)

    but i think you can get whats called a "Line out adapter". i don't know how it hooks up or if it's what you're looking for, but what i *think* it is, you can hook it up (to what, not sure) and the other end has RCA outputs to an amp

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    wire harness people.

    wire harness. goto best buy or any place that does installs, they will have what you need.
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