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Thread: Hooking up Pioneer HU + Carputer for 5.1 digital sound

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    Hooking up Pioneer HU + Carputer for 5.1 digital sound

    Currently I have a Pioneer 7500DVD indash headunit and a carputer with SBAudigy2 NX. My speakers consist of 2 pairs of Polk Audio components, 2 set of Clarion center channel speakers, one JL13W6v2 sub, and 3 JL amps.

    I want to hook it up so that I can get 5.1surround sound from both my DVD headunit and my carputer. Right now the carputer is connected to the AUX in of the pioneer headunit. As a result, all the sound from my carputer becomes stereo instead of 5.1 surround sound.

    What's the best way to hook up the system so I get 5.1 surround some from both headunit and carputer? someone on the forum suggested a switch to switch between the RCA inputs going to the amps. Is that a good and easy way to do that? Will I lose sound quality? Is there anywhere I can find more information regarding this switch?

    Is there anyway to feed digital sound directly into the pioneer headunit?

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    Unless your HU supports Optical connections then no, though is coaxial digital? I can't remember that one, or whatever it is. I just remember I have had several different connections going from my PC to theatre receiver, and IIRC optical and one other were both digital, but optical is the more common I think.

    If you check the FAQ Emporium, and then the FAQ TO THE FAQ'S sticky at the top, there is a link in there that points you to a long thread about hooking your audio up to your carPC.

    I wish I could offer more help but I know nothing about getting true 5.1 since that isn't what I am looking for =P

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    SPDIF comes in two forms, digital and optical, maybe that's what you are thinking of James?
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