I am sitting here browsing the net for headunits and there is soooo much choice

I would go look at some but don't have any transport until monday so I thought i would try get some ideas

I need AUX in for my ipod to start with (not using ipod interface!!!) and a car PC when i get it all built etc

Based on this thread M-Bus CD changer adapter for car pc integration I would like to use that when I get my car PC so possibly a headunit with mbus would be a better idea?

The one I have my eye on at the moment is this: Alpine CDA 9847R

Which uses Ai-net and jbors hasnt finished the ai-net link.

So I am lost

My Needs from a headunit:
Decent Sound
Dosent light up like a xmas tree
AUX in
Output for amp's
Volume control to rotate, dont like the push button ones
CD player (pref with mp3 cd support and id3 tags)

Would also like that pc link type stuff in the thread above ^

Also want one that looks simple and dosent have too many buttons lol (i think i am too choosey )