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Thread: Help installing Monitor

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    Help installing Monitor

    Hey everyone,

    I am a newbie when it comes to this car audio stuff, i am very intrested in learning how to install a carputer in my car. I have just puchased t view 7' inch monitor and do not know how to install the monitor into my car.

    My question is where do i hook up the 12v red wire on the monitor?
    I know the black ground wire needs to hit something metal but i need to know where i should wire the 12v red wire so when i turn on my car the monitor turns on.

    If somone has diagrams or pictures that would be great

    thanks for your helppp.....

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    you're better off wiring it up to whatever power regulator you are using, OPUS, etc...

    the car battery power supply is unregulated and could affect screen performance/life

    i wired up a 12v supply off of one of the molex connectors that come off the OPUS and ran it through the car to the screen

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    go check out the LCD forum.. lots of people have done this before
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