Hi guys,

I hope I am in the right place for asking this question. I have kenwood KDC-M4524 mp3 player in my car. Recently I am having problems with mp3 CD-R's. When it's cold in the morning, the display shows "TOC Error" and refuses to play them. At the same time, audio cd's work fine.

I was looking on the internet and I found that it's the common problem, and that it can be solved by calibrating the laser. The problem is that I couldn't find how exactly it should be done. The thing that I don't know is by how much should the potentiometer be moved and in what direction.

Please, if anyone has experience with this, or if you know which type of CD-R's should I use (because some people say that with some types it works fine all the time) tell me what to do because it's driving me mad.

Thanks in advance!