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Thread: Can someone help with my questions about my install?

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    Rearfill is important? That's the first I've heard from a professional. What about the phasing issues from FR response from rears that could possibly pull your front stage to the back? Most of the car audio enthusiasts I know never use rear speakers, especially from 100hz to 3khz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteRabbit View Post
    clipping and distorion = overpowering, It doesnt get much simpler than that. the amplifiers dont have to "match" at all! voltage is voltage, power is power! i dunno, man. I'll give up on that one too.

    But I still recommend midrange in the kickpanels, midbass drivers in the doors, and the tweets in the a-pillars. here are my reasons:
    I am in 100% agreement here..

    I have 2 vehicles set up like this, Mid in Kick, Midbass in door, and tweets above the dash.

    This set up can sound Incredibly good.. It may take some extra work though in fabrication and tuning..

    I have not used Rear speakers in a car audio system since 1992 and am of the opinion that they have no place in a car unless you need them to entertain passengers in the back seat(s).......................


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    Im sure the community appreciates the guy who bumped this after three years of idle time.

    Very helpful to the original poster, those who posted here, and the community at large.

    Thank you.

    I also disagree with everything you have said, guisar. Shoot me an email and I'd love to converse about it. But I have no wish to pollute a 3 year old thread with additional unrelated discourse.

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