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Thread: What's a good Amp Kit?

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    What's a good Amp Kit?

    I just bought an MTX amplifier on eBay and am trying to find a good amplifier wiring hit. I need something that is high quality and delivers good power from the battery. I looked into Monster Cable brand but they don't really have everything I am looking for in a kit. Can someone help me out who knows more about this? Thanks.

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    can I ask why you need a kit?

    Any regular electronics store will sell most of what you need. A dedicated car audio store will sell most of the higher end stuff (monster/stinger cable, etc.) and should also sell high quality wiring sets.

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    I'd like to second knukonceptz.. great kits at relatively low prices. Since shipping is a slight killer, may be worth it to pick up some fuses/ring terminals/etc since they're cheap.

    And the quality of the wire is some of the best. I got the 4 gauge kit and a 4->8 distribution block (sends 8 gauge to amp, another 8 gauge to computer, and one more to inverter, which hasn't been used for a LONG time since I got the opus)

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    I will check out knukoncepts. Thanks a lot guys!

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    go to home-depot, it's cheap
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